Mode of Nutrition in Plant - Heterotrophic Nutrition





The mode of nutrition in which an organism takes food from another organism is called heterotrophic nutrition. Organisms, other than green plants and blue-green algae follow the heterotrophic mode of nutrition. Heterotrophic nutrition can be further divided into three types, viz. saprophytic nutrition, holozoic nutrition, and parasitic.

  • Saprophytic Nutrition: In saprophytic nutrition, the organism secretes the digestive juices on the food. The food is digested while it is still to be ingested. The digested food is then

  • ingested by the organism. All the decomposers follow saprophytic nutrition. Some insects, like houseflies, also follow this mode of nutrition.

  • Holozoic Nutrition: In holozoic nutrition, digestion happens inside the body of the organism. i.e., after the food is ingested. Most of the animals follow this mode of nutrition.

  • Parasitic Nutrition: The organism which lives inside or outside another organism (host) and derives nutrition from it is known as parasites and this type of mode of nutrition is called parasitic nutrition. For example Cuscuta, tick, etc.

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