Mineral Based Industries

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  1. Iron and steel
  2. Aluminium
  3. Cement
  4. Transport equipment
  5. Automobile Industry
  6. Ship Building Industry
  7. Aircraft Industry
  8. Petrochemicals, including refineries fertilizers.
  • The following industrial centres are to be studied.
  1. TISCO (Jamshedpur)
  2. Vishweshvarya Iron and Steel Plant (Bhadravati)
  3. Bhilai Iron and Steel Plant (Bhilai)
  4. Rourkela Iron and Steel Plant (Rourkela)
  5. Hindustan Steel Limited Plant (Durgapur)
  6. Bokaro Iron and Steel Plant (Bokaro)
  7. Salem Iron and Steel Plant (Salem)
  8. Vishakhapatnam Iron and Steel Plant (Vishakhapatnam)
  • Integrated and mini steel plants: meaning, advantages and disadvantages
  • Difference between key and footloose industry; industrial clusters and indices to identify industrial clusters; industrial inertia.
  • Maps and sketches of Industrial regions and centres (location of agro-based and mineral-based industries) should be the basis for explaining the pattern of industrial development.
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