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Metals and Nonmetals - Physical Properties - Metal

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Physical properties of a metal:-

Hard:- Metals are generally hard. The hardness varies from metal to metal.

Shiny:- Metals, in their pure state, have a shining surface. This property is called metallic lustre.

Malleable:- The property of a metal to be derived into thin sheets is known as malleability. Gold and Silver are the most malleable metals.

Fusible:- The ability of a metal to fuse with another metal with the application of heat is known as fusibility

Ductility:- The ability of a metal to be drawn into wires is known as ductility. Gold is the most ductile metal.

Heat & Electricity:- Metals are a good conductor of heat and electricity. Silver and copper are the best conductors of heat whereas lead and mercury are the poor conductors of heat.

Melting Points:- Metals have a high melting point.

Sonorous:- The metals that produce a sound on striking a hard surface are said to be sonorous.

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