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Measures of Central Tendency

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  • Mean , Median , Mode
  • Quartile , Inter quartile


The three measures of central tendency for ungrouped data are : 
The mean (or average) of a number of observations is the sum of the values of all the observations divided by the total number of observations.
So, `bar x =
(sum_(i=1)^n x_i)/ n`.

For an ungrouped frequency distribution, it is `bar x = (sum_(i=1)^n f_ix_i)/(sum_(i=1)^n f_i)`

The median is that value of the given number of observations, which divides it into exactly two parts. 
If n is an odd number, the median = value of the `((n + 1)/2)^(th)` observation.
If n is an even number, median = Mean of the values of the `(n/2)^(th)` and `(n/2 + 1)^(th)` observation.

The mode is that value of the observation which occurs most frequently, i.e., an observation with the maximum frequency is called the mode.

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