Meaning of Export Trade

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  • Export and Import Bank (EXIM Bank)
  • Main Functions of EXIM Bank 
  • Role of Commercial Bank in International Business
  • Pre-Shipment Financial Assistance
  • Post-Shipment Financial Assistance
  • Objectives of Export Trade
  • Export Trade Procedure
  1. Receiving Trade Enquiry
  2. Receiving Indent and Sending Confirmation
  3. Arranging Letter of Credit
  4. Obtaining Importer Exporter Code (IEC) and RBI code Number
  5. Obtaining Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) from Export Promotion Council /Commodity Board
  6. Manufacturing /Procuring Goods and Packing items
  7. Export Inspection Certificate
  8. Insurance of Goods
  9. Certificate of Origin
  10. Consular Invoice
  11. Engagement of Forwarding Agent
  12. Dispatch of Goods to Port and Sending the Receipt to Agent
  13. Fulfilment of Customs Formalities by Forwarding Agent
  14. Customs Clearance
  15. Preparation of Commercial Invoice and Submitting Documents to Bank
  16. Securing Payment
  • Intermediaries in Export Trade
  1. Forwarding Agent
  2. Commission Agents
  3. Export Trading House
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