Introduction of Matter Around Us


  • Anything that occupies space and has mass is called matter.
  • The entire universe is composed of matter. However, few things like heat, sound, light, and electricity cannot come under the term matter, because they do not have mass, but they can be useful to do work.
  • Heat can be used to iron clothes, cook food, water, etc.
  • Electricity has multiple uses like making the fans revolve, useful in operating machines, etc. Our eardrums vibrate due to sound.
  • Plant use light to create their food. Light is also useful during the night time to work or study. 
  • All these things are forms of energy. Energy means the ability to do work.
  • It exists in the form of five basic elements, the Panch tatva – air, earth, fire, sky and water. For example: Chair, bed, river, mountain, dog, tree, building, etc. Everything is made up of matter.
  • In this chapter we will study the different states of matter such as solid, liquid, and gaseous.
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