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Weight and Mass:

Mass: Mass of an object is the measure of its inertia. It is the matter present in it. It remains the same everywhere in the universe.

Weight: The force of attraction of the earth on the object is known as the weight of the object. Its S.I. unit is Newton.

W = m × g

The weight of an object can change from one place to the other, from one planet to the other.

Weight of an object on moon is given by the formula.

`"W"_"m" ="GM"_"m" xx "m"/"R"_"m"^2`

Wm= weight of an object on moon

Mm= mass of the moon = 7.36 × 1022

Rm= radius of the moon = 1.74 × 106

G = 6.67 × 10–11 Nm2/kg2

`therefore`  `"W"_"m" = "G" (7.36 xx 10^22"kg"xx"m")/((1.74 xx 10^6"m")^2)`

`"W"_"m" = 2.431 xx 10^10 "G" xx "m"`

`"W"_"e" = 1.474 xx 10^11 "G" xx"m"`

`therefore` `"W"_"m"/"W"_"e" = ("Weight of object on Moon")/("Weight of object on Earth") = (2.431xx10^10"Gm")/(1.474 xx 10^11"Gm")= 1/6`

`therefore` Weight of an object on moon is `1/6`th the weight of an object on the earth.

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