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Major Challenges to Democracy in India

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Write a description of the challenges for democracy in the following situations.

Case and Context


Your description of the challenges for democracy in that situation

Chile: General Pinochet's government was defeated, but military was still in control of many institutions.


Poland: After the first success of solidarity, the government imposed martial law and banned solidarity.


Ghana: Just attained independence, Nkrumah elected the President.



Mynamar: Suu Kyi under house arrest for more than 15 years, army rulers getting global acceptance.



International Organisations: US as the only superpower disregards the UN and takes unilateral action.


Mexico: Second free election after the defeat of PRI in 2000; defeated candidates alleges rigging.


China: The Communist party adopts economic reforms but maintains a monopoly over political power.


Pakistan: General Musharraf holds referendum, allegations of fraud in the voter's list.


Iraq: Widespread sectarian violence as the new government fails to establish its authority.


South Africa: Mandela retires from active politics; pressure on his successor Mbeki to withdraw some concessions given to the white minority.


US, Guantanamo Bay: UN Secretary General calls this a violation of international law; US refused to respond.


Saudi Arabia: Women were not allowed to take part in public activities, no freedom of religion for the minority.


Yugoslavia: Ethnic tension between Serbs and Albanians on the rise in the province of Kosovo; Yugoslavia disintegrated.


Belgium: One round of constitutional change taken place, but the Dutch speakers not satisfied; they want more autonomy.


Sri Lanka: Peace talks between the government and LTTE breaks down, renewed violence.


US, Civil Rights: Blacks have won equal rights, but they are still poor, less educated and marginalised.


Northern Ireland: The civil war has ended but Catholics and Protestants yet to develop trust.


Nepal: Constituent Assembly about to be elected; unrest in Taraiareas; Maoists have not surrendered arms.


Bolivia: Morales, a supporter of water struggle, becomes the Prime Minister, MNC's threaten to leave the country.

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