Laws of the Football Game

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  • The Field of play: Diagram of the Field with Measurements and Specifications, Height and Width of Goalpost, Height of Corner flags
  • The Ball: Shape, Material, Circumference, weight, Air pressure
  • The Players: Number of players (playing eleven and substitutes), Number of substitutions allowed in a match, Substitution procedure The Players’ Equipment, Compulsory Equipment
  • The Referee: Powers and Duties, Compulsory Equipment, Referee signals
  • Other match officials:
  • Assistant Referees: Duties and Signals;
  • Fourth official: Duties;
  • Additional assistant referee: Duties;
  • Reserve assistant referee: Duties
  • The Duration of the Match: Periods of play, Halftime interval, Allowance for time lost, Penalty kick, Abandoned match
  • The Start and Restart of Play: Kick-off and its Procedure (start, both halves, both halves of extra time and restarts play after a goal), Free kicks and its Procedure (Direct and Indirect), Penalty Kicks and its Procedure, Throw-in and its Procedure, Goal kicks and its Procedure, Corner Kicks and its Procedure
  • The Ball in and out of Play
  • Determining the outcome of a match: Goal scored, Winning team, Kicks from the penalty mark
  • Offside: Offside position, Offside offence, No offence
  • Fouls and Misconduct: Direct free kick, Indirect free-kick, Disciplinary action (Yellow card and Red card), Restart of play after fouls and misconduct.
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