जल का वितरण

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निम्नलिखित अंग्रेज़ी के प्रत्येक वाक्य में एक नदी का नाम हूँढे।
Examples : Mandira, Vijayalaksmi and Surinder are my best friends.

Answer : Ravi 

  1. The snake charmer’s bustee, stables where horses and the piles of wood, all caught fire accidentally. (Hint: Another name for River Brahmputra)
  2. The conference manager put pad, material for reading and a pencil for each participant. (Hint: A distributary on the Ganga-Brahmputra delta)
  3. Either jealousy or anger cause a person’s fall (Hint: Name of a juicy fruit!)
  4. Bhavani germinated the seeds in a pot (Hint: Look for her in West Africa)
  5. “I am a Zonal champion now” declared the excited atheletic. (Hint: The river that has the biggest basin in the world)
  6. The tiffin box rolled down and all the food fell in dusty pot holes. (Hint: Rises in India and journeys through Pakistan)
  7. Malini leaned against the pole when she felt that she was going to faint. (Hint: Her delta in Egypt is famous)
  8. Samantha mesmerised everybody with her magic tricks. (Hint: London is situated on her estuary)
  9. “In this neighbourhood, please don’t yell! Owners of these houses like to have peace.” Warmed my father when moved into our new flat’. (Hint: colour!)
  10. Write the following words, Marc!” “On”, “go”, “in”………….said the teacher to the little boy in KG Class. (Hint: Rhymes with ‘bongo’) Now make some more on your own and ask your classmates to spot the hidden name. You can do this with any name: that of a lake, mountains, trees, fruits, school items etc.
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