Into the Wild

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Read the extract and solve the activities.

          The eight-and-a-half-hour-long day inside the hide was a fruitful as the Jambha tree standing tall on the edge of Umbarzara. Before wrapping up my day at this natural waterhole, I took entries of the avifauna in my field work. Since I was alone, I rushed to Pitezari village where I was stationed. I camouflaged the hide, took my essentials, and came out of the hide and stretched out to my heart's content. I lifted my camera bag and took the familiar trial to Pitezari. Negotiating the webbed leaves of Teakwood and Moha trees, trying to make minimal sound, I was treading cautiously among the wood. Walking alone in a jungle needs more alertness than walking with a companion. I was alone here like a fox. Following the trial silently, watching with wide-open eyes, my ears were grasping a variety of sound stunned me...
          'Khyak! Khyak! KhyakoSS Khyak!'
          It was a Langur alarm call. The leader of the gang of Langurs was sitting on the tall tree making alarm calls out of fear. Rest of the Langur brigade continued raising the alarm calls. The network of alarm calls was expanding its range as the petrified Langurs speeded to the trees near and far and secured their places on treetops. All this upheaval was created by only one animal's presence- a Leopard. Many animals make alarm calls when they see a predator - Tiger or a Leopard nearby. The Langur is more reliable when it comes to finding clues about the presence of the apex predators in the jungle. The mighty elusive Leopard of Umbarzara was out of his liar. He was on the prowl. The stealthily moving figure in spotted gold-black cloak was spied by these Langurs. Even the small ones from the legion of Langurs were giving alarm calls.
          'Chyak! Chyak!'
          I stayed put. Gauged the leader Langur's target sight and scanned the area visually. Took some steps. Stopped again. A fresh scat was lying before me on the trail. The bluish-purple flies were hovering over it. I was sure that the Leopard was somewhere near. The distant alarm call of four-horned antelope was adding to the chaos.

A1. Complete the given flowchart about the writer’s activities. (2)

The writer completed his tasks satisfactorily.


He was alarmed of a predator in vicinity.


A2. Enlist the clues which confirmed the presence of a leapard. (2)

A3. Complete. (2)

‘I was alone like a fox.’ The writer compares himself to the fox because ____________

A4. State what precautions you would take after finding yourself lost in a jungle. (2)

A5. Do as directed. (2)

i. The langur is the most reliable in finding clues in jungle about predators.
(Choose the correct alternative that gives the transformation of the given sentence in Positive Degree)

  1. No other animal in jungle is as reliable as langur in finding clues about predators in jungle.
  2. No other langur is as reliable as other animals in finding clues about predators in jungle.
  3. Langur is as reliable as other animals in jungle in finding clues about predators.
  4. Very few animals in jungle are as reliable as langur in finding clues about predators in jungle.

ii. I camouflaged the hide...
(Choose the correct alternative that has Simple Present Tense form.)

  1. I camouflage the hide
  2. I am camouflaging the hide
  3. I have camouflaged the hide
  4. I can camouflage the hide

A6. Find a word from the extract which mean the following: (2)

  1. To hide oneself by covering up with natural or artificial material to mislead the enemy.
  2. Finishing the work
  3. Making oneself safe from danger
  4. To successfully walk over
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