Interpretation of Pie Diagram

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Interpretation of Pie Diagram:

Interpretation of a pie diagram means the action of explaining the meaning of pie diagram.

1) The following pie chart, gives the expenditure (in percentage) on various items and savings of a family during a month.
(i) On which item, the expenditure was maximum?
(ii) Expenditure on which item is equal to the total savings of the family?
(iii) If the monthly savings of the family is Rs. 3000, what is the monthly expenditure on clothes?


(i) Expenditure is maximum on food.
(ii) Expenditure on Education of children is the same (i.e., 15%) as the savings of the family.
(iii) 15% represents Rs. 3000.
Therefore, 10% represents Rs. `3000/15 xx 10 = Rs. 2000`.
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