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Human Evolution

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Excavating. Time dating, Fossils and determination of DNA sequences are the tools to study Human evolution.

-Humans are a single species. Even though there is a vast diversity through out the world.

- All humans come from Africa. The earliest members of the human species Homo Sapiens can be traced there. Our genetic footprints can be traced back to our African roots.

-The residents spread across Africa, the emigrants slowly spread across the planet from Africa to west Asia then to central Asia south Asia east Asia. They travelled down the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines to Australia and they crossed the Bering land bridge to the Americas.


  • Human Evolution
  • Human ancestors
  1. Australopithecus
  2. Homo habilis
  3. Homo erectus
  4. Homo erectus
  5. Neanderthal man 
  6. Cro-Magnon
  • Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man)
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