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General Vectors and Their Notations

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Equal Vectors
Vectors `barA` and `barB`are said to be equal if `|barA|=|bar B|` as well as their directions are same.

Zero Vector
A vector with zero magnitude and an arbitrary direction is called a zero vector. it is represented by `barO` and also known as null vector.

Negative of a Vector
The vector whose magnitude is same as that of `bara` but the direction is opposite to that of `bara` is called the negative of `bara` and is written as `-bara`

Parallel Vectors
`bar A` and `barB` are said to be parallel vectors if they have same direction, and may or may not have magnitude `(barA || barB)`. If the directions are opposite, then `barA` is anti-parallel to `barB`

Coplanar Vectors
Vectors are said to be coplanar if they lie in the same plane or they are parallel to the same plane. Otherwise they are said to be non-coplanar vectors.


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