Fundamental Skills and Techniques of Volleyball

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  • Service (Underhand, Topspin, Float, Jump serve and Jump float)
  • Pass (Underarm pass and Overhand pass)
  • Set (Overhead and Bump)
  • Attack/spike (Backcourt, Line and cross-court shot, Dip, Block-abuse, Off-speed hit, Quick hit, Slide and Double-quick hit)
  • Block (Single block, Double block and Triple block)
  • Dig
  • Basic skills and techniques, tactics and team skills Knowledge of basic skills, volley-two hand pass over the head forearm pass. The serve underarm, over arm float, over arm jump, overarm top spin, round house jump. The smash - high set cross-court, down the line, speed smash, tip the ball over the block. The block-line of defence, defence against a smash, attack at set ball. Teamwork importance in both defence and attack. Understanding rotation, blocking and screening.
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