Fundamental Skills and Techniques of Hockey Game

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  • Passing (Push, Drive and Sweep)
  • Trap (Upright stop & Flat stop)
  • Dribbling (Straight dribble, Loose dribble, Indian dribble, Dribbling pull back, One hand dribble: right hand and reverse side)
  • Shooting,
  • Goalkeeping.
  • Basic skills and techniques (Passing - types of pass, ground lofted, chip, volley, angle of pass, push, scoop, flick, aerial ball. Receiving the ball – control, dribbling (running with the ball, rhythm and pace, feints, body swerves, screening, beating an opponent from the right to the left, right and behind. Shooting skills with Stick, inside or outside, short and long-range shots, swerving shots, volleys, penalty, power, and accuracy. Tackling skills - interception, jockeying for position. Goalkeeping skills - stopping, watching, guiding the team, saving goals, kicking, diving, anticipation, speed, Reflexes.
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