Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationHSC Commerce Class 11th

Functions of RBI

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  • Leadership and Supervisory Functions
  1. India’s Representative in World Financial Institutions 
  2. Regulator and Supervisor of Indian Banking System
  3. Monetary Authority
  4. Closely Monitoring Economic Parameters
  5. Promptly Responding to New Challenges
  • Traditional Functions
  1. Banker and Financial Advisor to the Government
  2. Monopoly of Note Issue
  3. Banker’s Bank
  4. Controller of Credit and Liquidity
  5. Lender of the Last Resort
  6. Clearing House Services
  7. Custodian of Foreign Exchange Reserves
  8. Maintenance of Foreign Exchange Rate
  9. Collection and Publication of Authentic Data
  • Promotional Functions
  1. Nurturing Banking Habits among the Public
  2. Grievance Settlement Measures
  3. Agricultural Development
  4. Promotion of Small Scale Industries
  5. Facilitates Foreign Trade
  6. Supports Cooperative Sector
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