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Elastic Moduli - Determination of Young’s Modulus of the Material of a Wire

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Determination of Young’s Modulus of the Material of a Wire:

  • Two strings were hung from a support and two pans were attached to both the strings.

  • Weights are kept on both the pans.

  • When the number of weights in the second pan was increased, the string got stretched and moved in a downward direction.

  • The change in length was measured by the metre scale which was kept on reference wire.

  • Using this experiment, the Young’s modulus value was calculated

  • `"Y"= "longitudinal stress"/ "longitudinal strain" = σ/ ε`

  • = `("F"/"A")/ ("ΔL"/"L")`

  • Where original length = L and ΔL = change in length, F=mg (acting downwards) and A (area of cross-section of wire) = `pir^2`

  • = `("mg"/ (πr^2))/ (Δ"L"/"L")`

  • `Y="mgL"/(pi"r"^2Delta"L")`

  • This is the way to calculate the Young’s modulus.

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