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Different Forms of Energy

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The different forms of energy are:

Mechanical energy: It is the sum of kinetic and potential energy of an object. Therefore, it is the energy obtained by an object due to motion or by the virtue of its location.

Example, a bicycle climbing a hill possesses kinetic energy as well as potential energy.

Thermal energy: It is the energy obtained by an object due to its temperature. It is also called Thermal Energy.

Example, energy possessed by a hot cup.


Nuclear energy: It is the energy present in the nucleus of an atom. Nuclear energy releases when the nucleus combines or separate. Therefore, we can say that every atom in this universe comprises of nucleus energy.

Example, uranium is a radioactive metal capable of producing nuclear energy in nuclear power plants


Chemical energy: It is the energy accumulated in the bonds of chemical compounds. Chemical energy is released at the time of chemical reactions.

Example, energy possessed by natural gas and biomass.


Kinetic energy:

Every moving object possesses some energy called Kinetic Energy. As the speed of the object increases so is its kinetic energy.

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