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Defence System in Our Body: Immune System

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  • Immune System
  • Cells of Immune System
  1. Lymphocytes
    - Mechanism of response of T-lymphocytes to antigens
    - Mechanism of action of B-lymphocytes to antigens
  2. Antigen Presenting cells
  • Kind of Immune System
  1. Innate Immunity (Inborn/natural)
    (a) Non-specific innate immunity
    (b) Specific innate immunity
  2. Acquired Immunity (During Lifetime)
    (a) Active Acquired Immunity: Natural (By previous infections), Artificial (by vaccinations).
    (b) Passive Acquired Immunity: Natural (Antibodies in a foetus received from the mother's blood), Artificial (Readymade antibodies produced in other animals).
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