Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 5th
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Dairy Farming (Cattle Farming)

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1. Cattle Farming:

Cattle are used for two reasons –

They provide milk

They work as draught labour in the fields

Milch Animals: Animals that provide milk are called Milch Animals.

Draught Animals: Animals that work in the fields for irrigation, carting and tiling are called Draught Animals.

Milk Production:

  • Milk production can be enhanced by increasing the lactation period in the cattle.

  • Crossbreeding of foreign breeds and local breeds can provide cattle with qualities of increased lactation period and resistance to diseases.

  • Shelters of the cattle should be kept neat and clean in order to keep the cattle healthy.

  • The cattle should be kept clean and should be provided with a covered shelter that can protect them from harsh weathers.

  • The floor of the shelters to be kept a dry and clean

Food requirements of dairy animals:

  • Maintenance requirements: the food that is required to keep the animals healthy
  • Milk production requirements: the food that is needed in the lactation period
  • Animal feeds

Roughage– contains fibre

Concentrates– contains low fibre but high nutritional value

Feed Additives– includes food that contains micronutrients that can promote health and milk production

Protecting the Cattle from Diseases:

  • Diseases can lead to a reduction in the production of milk and even the death of cattle.
  • Mainly parasites can affect the health of the cattle. These parasites can be found in the animals or they may attack them externally.
  • The internal parasites generally damage the liver and stomach of these animals. For example, worms and flukes.
  • The external parasites cause skin diseases in cattle.
  • Sometimes bacteria and virus also called several diseases in the cattle.
  • A good way to prevent diseases is vaccination.
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