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Concept of Sets

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  • Representation of a set
  1. Roster Method
  2. Set-Builder Method
  3. Venn Diagram
  • Number of elements of a set
  • Types of Sets
  1. Empty Set
  2. Singleton set
  3. Finite set
  4. Infinite set
  5. Subset
  6. Superset
  7. Proper Subset
  8. Power Set
  9. Equal sets
  10. Equivalent sets
  11. Universal set
  • Operations on sets
  1. Complement of a set
  2. Union of Sets
  3. Intersection of sets
    - De Morgan's Laws
  4. Difference of Sets
  •  Intervals
  1. Open Interval
  2. Closed Interval
  3. Semi-closed Interval
  4. Semi-open Interval
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