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Concept of Physics

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We can define Physics as the science that deals with matter, energy and their interactions. The word physics comes from the Greek 'knowledge of nature,' and in general, the field aims to analyse and understand the natural phenomena of the universe.

The principal of thrusts in physics are: -

1. Unification: Diverse phenomena of nature are expressed in few terms of laws and concepts. For example, the law of gravitation. It explains falling of objects on earth, planetary motion, motion of moon, etc.
Only one law explains so much phenomena. It becomes convenient for us to study only one law and understand too many phenomena.

2. Reduction: In this, we derive simpler equations form the complex systems from its constituent simpler parts. For example, BOHR radius, it is a very complex formula, but now we use only the simpler version of it, i.e. r1×n/Z
where n is the no. of shell, Z is the atomic number and r1 is the constant, radius of 1st shell l of hydrogen.

Because physics explains natural phenomena in the universe, it's often considered to be the most fundamental science. It provides a basis for all other sciences. Without physics, you couldn't have biology, chemistry, or anything else!

Impact and uses of Physics:-

  • It can explain a phenomena happening over a large magnitude with a simple theory.

  • Experiments and observations are used to develop new theories for unidentified phenomena and improve old theories for existing phenomena.

  • Development of devices using laws of physics

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