Close Packed Structures of Solids

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  • Packing in solids
  • Close Packing in One Dimension
    1) Coordination number
  • Close Packing in Two Dimensions
    1) Square close packing in two dimensions
    2) Hexagonal close packing of spheres in two dimensions
  • Close Packing in Three Dimensions
  • Three-dimensional close-packed structure
  • Stage I - Linear packing in one dimension
  • Stage II - Planar packing in two dimensions
    1) AAAA type, square close-packed structure
    2) ABAB type, hexagonal close-packed structure
  • Stage III - Close packing in three dimensions
    1) AAAA type, simple cubic structure
    2) ABAB type, hexagonal close-packed structure
    3) ABCABC type, cubic close-packed structure
  • Number of voids per atom in hcp and ccp structures
  • Locating tetrahedral and octahedral voids: locating tetrahedral voids, Locating octahedral voids
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