• Classification
  • Why do we classify things?
  • Need for Classification
  • Advantage of Classification


[TB 7] [ICSE 9]


The method of arranging the organisms into groups is called classification. When we classify things we put them into groups based on their characteristics.

  • Why do we classify things?

  1. Classifying things makes it easy for us to know their similarities and differences.
  2. Things with similar characters are classified into same group. These things are usually similar in at least one characteristic.
  3. Things with different characteristics are classified into different groups. These 
    things are usually different in at least one characteristic.
  4. Classification helps us to understand, living and non – living things in a better way. For example, we can classify a newly discovered organism, we would come to know, how it relates with other. 
  • Need for Classification

  1. Classification is needed to identify an organism correctly.
  2. It helps to know the origin and evolution of an organism.
  3. To establish the relationship among different organisms.
  4. It provides information about living things in different geographical regions.
  5. It helps in understanding how complex organisms must have evolved from simpler ones.
  • Advantages of classification:

It is not humanly possible to study all the plants and animals that exist in the world. Scientists have made this job simpler by classifying them on the basis of similarities. A few advantages of classification have been mentioned here: 

  1. The characteristics of all members of a group can be understood by studying only the characteristics of a few members. 
  2. Classification makes the study systematic. It highlights the relationship between different organisms. 
  3. It helps in identifying different organisms and placing them into particular groups. 
  4. It also gives us an idea about the evolution of organisms from simpler to more complex forms.
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