Chemical Properties of Alkynes

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  • Acidic character of alkyne
  • Formation of alkali metal ethynides (acetylides)
  • Formation of heavy metal ethynides (acetylides)
  • Formation of alkynyl Grignard reagents
  • Addition reactions
  • Addition of dihydrogen
  • Addition of hydrogen (catalytic hydrogenation or reduction of alkynes)
  • Addition of halogens (anti-addition): Action of chlorine, Action of bromine
  • Addition of halogen acids (hydrogen halides)
  • Addition of water (acid-catalyzed hydration of alkynes)
  • Oxidation reactions
  • Combustion
  • Oxidation with alkaline potassium permanganate (test for unsaturation)
  • Oxidative hydroboration
  • Ozonolysis reactions
  • Polymerization reactions: Linear and Cyclic polymerization
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