Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th

Causes, Course and Results of World War I

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A. Causes:

  • European Alliances and Counter-Alliances
  • Violent Forms of Nationalism
  • Aggressive Attitude of German Emperor
  • Hostility of France towards Germany
  • Imperial Power Politics in the Balkans  
  • The Balkan Wars
  • Immediate Cause

B. Course of the War:

  • Two Warring Camps Central Powers
  • Allies
  • Tsar’s Abortive Attempts for Peace
  • War in Western or French Front
  • Battles of Tannenberg and Marne
  • Battle of Verdun
  • War in Eastern or Russian front
  • Minor Theatres of War: In the Middle East, In the Far East, In the Balkans.
  • Fate of Colonies of Germany in Africa
  • Italy falls to Austrian onslaught
  • Central Powers’ Victories
  • Naval Battles and America’s entry into the War

C. The Armistice and Treaty of Versailles:

  • Peace Conference in Paris
  • Provisions of the Treaty
  • Fallout of the First World War
  • Impact on India
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