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Animal Tissues - Epithelial Tissues

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  1. Simple epithelial tissue
    1. Squamous epithelial tissue
    2. Cuboidal epithelial tissue
    3. Columnar epithelium
    4. Ciliated epithelium
    5. Glandular epithelium
    6. Sensory epithelial tissue
    7. Germinal epithelial tissue
  2. Compound epithelial tissue
    a. Stratified epithelium
    b. Transitional epithelium
  • Cell junctions 
    Types of Cell junction
    - Tight junctions (TJs)
    - Hemidesmosomes (HDs)
    - Gap Junctions (GJs)
    - Adherens Junctions (AJs)
    - Desmosomes (Ds)
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