Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationHSC Commerce Class 11th

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi National Corporations

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  • Advantages
  1. Low Cost Labour
  2. Quality Products
  3. Proper Use of Idle Resources
  4. Improvement in Balance of Payment Position
  5. Technical Development
  6. Managerial Development
  7. End of Local Monopolies
  8. Improvement in Standard of Living
  9. Promotion of international brotherhood and culture
  • Disadvantages 
  1. Danger for Domestic Industries
  2. Transfer of Outdated Technology
  3. No Benefit to Poor People
  4. Danger to Independence
  5. Deprivation of Job Opportunity of Local People
  6. Misuse of Mighty Status
  7. Careless Exploitation of Natural Resources
  8. Selfish Promotion of Alien Culture
  9. Neglect of Industrial and Economic Growth of Home Country
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