NEET Biology 40 Days Score Amplifier 2nd Edition NEET (UG)

NEET Biology 40 Days Score Amplifier 2nd Edition -
M.R.P 20/-
Flipkart 197.00
Product Description

NEET Biology 40 Days Score Amplifier 2nd Edition is developed for quick revision and practice of the complete syllabus of the NEET exams in a short span of 40 days. The book can prove to the ideal material for class 12 students as they can utilise this book to revise their preparation immediately after the board exams.
• The book follows the Syllabus and chapter plan as per the NCERT books of class 11 and 12.
• The book contains 38 chapters divided into 6 units. Each unit provides a Practice Test along with detailed solutions. At the end 4 Mock Tests based on the full syllabus are provided.
• Each chapter provides exhaustive theory explaining all fundamentals/ concepts to build a strong base.
• This is followed by an exercise for practice.
• The answer key and solutions to the select questions have been provided immediately at the end of each chapter.
• The book covers past questions of the various entrance exams which have been incorporated in the exercises of the respective chapters.


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