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30 Days JEE Main Mathematics - 30 Days Crash Course JEE Main

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30 Days JEE Main Mathematics - 30 Days Crash Course -
M.R.P 450/-
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To tackle JEE (Main) after the board exams, JEE (Main) Mathematics in 30 Days provides complete but precise and speedy revision of Mathematics. It is as per the latest syllabus and provides a concise review of the theory emphasising on the formulae, results in an easy and tabular form. It is a focused programme of study for the students who want to appear for the exam fully prepared. The complete syllabus has been divided into 30 days out of which three days are given for practice papers. Each day includes theory along with large number of MCQ s and Assertion and Reason for a better understanding of the topic.
Two practice papers are also given on Algebra and Calculus and Trigonometry, Geometry and Statistics and Probability and one practice paper covering the whole syllabus for the overall assessment of JEE Mathematics of the student. Questions along with their detailed solutions from the previous years examination have been included as a separate section after practice problems.


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