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Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for JEE Main/BITSAT/AIPMT/AIIMS Physics NEET (UG)

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Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for JEE Main/BITSAT/AIPMT/AIIMS Physics -
By Disha Experts (Author)
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Product Description

The DPP Sheets are based on the concept of Prepare, Asses and improve

Assessment is the most integral part of a student's preparation but still most of them avoid it. Assessment can only tell where you stand and how you can improve from that point. So it is very important that you take the right assessment, which is on the correct pattern, has the same level of difficulty as the actual exam and covers all the important concepts of the subject.

The book "Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for JEE Main/ AIPMT Physics" is precise, apt and tuned to all the requirements of a JEE Main aspirant.
No matter where you prepare from – a coaching or NCERT books or any other textbook/ Guide - Daily Practice Problem Sheets provides you the right Assesment on each topic. Your performance provides you the right cues to improve your concepts so as to perform better in the final examination.

It is to be noted here that these are not tests but act as a checklist of student's learning and ability to apply concepts to different problems.
It is our strong belief that if an aspirant works hard on the cues provided through each of the DPP sheets he/ she can improve his/ her learning and finally the SCORE by at least 20%.

Book Features:

  • Division of the complete JEE Main/ AIPMT syllabus into 60 Most important Topics. Each chapter has been broken into 2 or more topics
  • Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cut-off, Qualifying Score for each DPP Sheet
  • Ultimate tool for Concept Checking & Speed Building
  • Collection of 1750+ Standardised MCQ's that will of all variety of questions
  • Unique & innovative way of Learning through Assessment
  • 2 Separate Booklets - DPP Booklet & Solution Booklet
  • The DPP Sheet covers all important Concepts of each Topic
  • As per latest pattern & syllabus of JEE Main/ NEET exam
  • Compliant to all boards of education
Table of Contents:
  • Physical World, Units and Dimensions
  • Measurements (Errors)
  • Motion in a Straight Line 1 (Distance, Displacement, Uniform and Non - Uniform Motion)
  • Motion in a Straight Line 2 (Relative Motion and Motion Under Gravity)
  • Vectors
  • Motion in a Plane - 1 (Projectile Motion)
  • Motion in Plane - 2 (Horizontal Circular Motion)
  • Motion in Plane - 3 (Vertical Circular Motion, Relative Motion)
  • Laws of Motion - 1 (Newton'S Third Laws, Momentum, Pseudo Force Concept)
  • Laws of Motion - 2 (Blocks in Contact, Connected by String, Pulley Arrangement)
  • Laws of Motion - 3 (Friction)
  • Work, Energy and Power - 1 (Work by Constant and Variable Forces, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Work Energy Theorem)
  • Work, Energy and Power - 2 (Conservation of Momentum and Energy, Collision, Rocket Case)
  • Centre of Mass and Its Motion
  • Rotational Motion 1: Basic Concepts of Rotational Motion, Moment of a Force, Torque, Angular Momentum and Its Conservation with Application
  • Rotational Motion - 2: Moment of Inertia, Radius of Gyration, (Values of Moments of Inertia Simple Geometrical Objects)
  • Rolling Motion (Parallel and Perpendicular Theorems and Their Applications, Rigid Body Rotation, Equations of Rotational Motion)
  • Gravitation - 1 (The Universal Law of Gravitation, Acceleration Due to Gravity and Its Variation with Altitude and Depth, Kepler'S Law of Planetary Motion)
  • Gravitation - 2 (Gravitational Potential Energy, Gravitational Potential, Escape Velocity and Orbital Velocity of a Satellite, Geo - Stationary Satellites)
  • Elasticity
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermal Expansion - 1 (Thermal Expansion, Calorimetry and Change of State)
  • Thermal Expansion - 2 (Heat Transfer and Newton'S Law of Cooling)
  • Thermodynamics - 1 (Thermal Equilibrium, Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Concept of Temperature, Heat, Work and Internal Energy, Different Processes)
  • Thermodynamics - 2 (1St and 2Nd Laws of Thermodynamics Reversible and Irreversible Processes, Carnot Engine and Its Efficiency)
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Oscillations - 1 (Periodic Motion - Period, Frequency, Displacement as a Function of Time
  • Oscillations - 2 (Oscillations of a Spring, Simple Pendulum, Free, Forced and Damped Oscillations, Resonance)
  • Waves - 1 (Wave Motion, Longitudinal and Transverse Waves, Speed of a Wave, Displacement Relation for a Progressive Wave, Principle of Superposition of Waves, Reflection of Waves)
  • Waves - 2 (Standing Waves in Strings and Organ Pipes, Fundamental Mode and Harmonics, Beats, Doppler Effect in Sound)
  • Practical Physics - 1
  • Electrostatics - 1 (Coulomb'S Law, Electric Field, Field Lines, Gauss'S Law)
  • Electrostatics - 2 (Electric Potential and Potential Difference, Equipotential Surfaces, Electric Dipole)
  • Electrostatics - Dpp 3 (Electrostatic Potential Energy, Conductors)
  • Electrostatics - 4 (Capacitors, Dielectrics)
  • Current Electricity - 1 (Electric Current, Drift Velocity, Ohm'S Law, Electrical Resistance, Resistances of Different Materials, V - I Characteristics of Ohm and Non - Ohmic Conductors, Electrical Energy and Power, Electrical Resistivity, Colour
  • Code of Resistors, Temperature Dependance of Resistance
  • Current Electricity - 2: Electrical Cell and Its Internal Resistance, Potential Difference and E
  • Current Electricity - DPP 3: Wheatstone Bridge, Meter Bridge, Potentiometer - Principle and Its Applications
  • Magnetic Effects of Current - 1 (Magnetic Field Due to Current Carrying Wires, Biot Savart Law)
  • Magnetic Effects of Current - 2: (Motion of Charge Particle in a Magnetic Field, Force Between Current Carrying Wires
  • Magnetic Effects of Current - DPP 3 (Magnetic Dipole, Current Carrying Loop in Magnetic Field, Galvanometer)
  • Magnetism and Matter - 1 (Bar Magnet as an Equivalent Solenoid, Magnetic Field Lines, Earth'S Magnetic Field and Magnetic Elements)
  • Magnetism and Matter - 2 (Para, Dia and Ferro - Magnetic Substances, Magnetic Susceptibility and Permeability, Hysteresis, Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets
  • Electromagnetic Induction - 1 (Magnetic Flux, Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, Lenz'S Law, Motional E
  • Electromagnetic Induction - 2: Self Inductance, Mutual Inductance, Growth and Decay of Current in L
  • Alternating Current - 1 (Alternating Currents, Peak and Rms Value of Alternating Current/Voltage; Reactance and Impedance, Pure Circuits, LR, CR AC Circuits
  • Alternating Current - 2 (LCR Series Circuit, Resonance, Quality Factor, Power in AC Circuits, Wattless and Power Current)
  • EM Waves
  • Ray Optics - 1 (Reflection on Plane Mirrors and Curved Mirrors)
  • Ray Optics - II (Refraction on Plane Surface, Total Internal Reflection, Prism)
  • Ray Optics - DPP 3 (Refraction on Curved Surface Lens, Optical Instrument)
  • Wave Optics - I (Interference of Light)
  • Wave Optics - II: Diffraction and Polarisation of Light
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation (Matter Waves, Photon, Photoelectric Effect, X - Ray)
  • Atoms
  • Nuclei
  • Semiconductor Electronics - 1 (Semiconductors, LED, Photodiode, Zener Diode)
  • Semiconductor Electronics - 2 (Junction Transistor, Transistor Action, Characteristics of a Transistor, Transistor as an Amplifier, Logic Gates)
  • Communication Systems, Laser
  • Practical Physics - 2

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