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Objective Physics for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER 2016 NEET (UG)

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Objective Physics for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER 2016 -
By Satya Prakash Arya (Author)
M.R.P 825/-
Amazon 483.00
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Table of Content:

Units and Dimensions
Scalars and Vectors, Motion in One, Two and Three Dimensions
Force, Friction, Work, Power, Energy
Rotation of Bodies and Moment of Inertia
Gravitation, Pendulum, SHM
Properties of Matter (Surface Tension, Elasticity, viscosity)
kinetic Theory of Gases
Revision Set of General Physics and Properties of Matter
Transmission of Heat
Revision Set of Thermodynamics
Revision Set of Sound Vibrations
Wave Optics
Ray Optics: (Reflection, Refraction, Lenses, Dispersion, Spectra and Optical Instruments)
Revision Set of Optics
Revision Set of Magnetism and Electrostatics
Electric Circuits
Effects of Electricity
A.C., Transformer, E.M. Induction
Electrons, Photoelectric Effect, X-Rays
Semiconductors, Transistors, Gates
Atomic and Nuclear Physics vRevision Set of Current Electricity and Atomic Physics
Practical Physics
Model Test Papers (with detailed solutions)
Model test Paper-I
Model test Paper-II
Model test Paper-III
MCQs from Previous Years Exam
MCQs of 2009-2015 Exams (with detailed solutions)

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