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Map Skill WorkBook CBSE Social science 10th Term 1 & 2 CBSE Class 10

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Map Skill WorkBook CBSE Social science 10th Term 1 & 2 -
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This book has been designed for the aspirants preparing for Class X examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The work book contains Map Skills of NCERT History and Geography for Class X.
The present Work Book for CBSE Class X Term I & II Social Science has been divided into four sections namely History Term-I, Geography Term-I, History Term-II and Geography Term-II, each sub-divided into number of chapters as per the syllabi of the examination. The book covers all the maps of NCERT History & Geography along with the coverage of map skills questions asked in CBSE Term I & Term II Examination. The History Term-I section covers Colonial Africa at the End of 19th Century, 17th Century Trade Routes India & the World and Large Scale Industries in India whereas the Geography Term-I section covers India Resource & Development, India Types of Forests, National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries of India, India: Major Dams & Rivers of India, Wheat Growing Areas of India, Rice Growing Areas of India, Sugarcane Growing Areas of India, Tea & Coffee Producing Areas of India, Jute & Rubber Producing Areas of India, Cotton Producing Areas of India and Millets of India. The History Term-II section covers Important Centers of Freedom Movement in India and Important Sessions of Indian National Congress whereas the Geography Term-II section covers India Coal Mines & Oil Fields of India, India: Nuclear & Thermal Power Plants of India, India Minerals, India Textile Industry of India, India Iron & steel Industry of India, India Software Technology Park of India, National Highway Development Project, National Highways, Indian Railways and Major Seaports & International Airports of India. Each section ends with Exam Practice section to help aspirants practice the questions which may be asked in the examination. Each chapter in the book contains questions asked in previous years’ CBSE Class X Term I & II Social Science Examination.


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