Daily Practice Problems (DPP) for JEE Main & Advanced Maths Volume-6 Relation & Functions JEE Main

Daily Practice Problems (DPP) for JEE Main & Advanced Maths Volume-6 Relation & Functions -
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There used to be a time when Daily Practice Problems (DPP) series was a hit and a bestseller amongst IIT JEE aspirants. It was popular because of the fact that it ensured daily practice and proper planning of the concepts covered & discussed on day to day basis. And bringing back the same craze, Arihant for the very first time has come up with DPP Series covering the whole syllabi of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced.
The present Daily Practice Problems (DPP) book covers Functions, Matrices & Determinants with detailed coverage of Relations & Inverse Trigonometric Functions. The primary focus of this series is on achieving success through practice and proper planning. The entire content in the book covering Functions, Matrices & Determinants has been divided into Daily modules. The daily modules will ensure that the students are just required to practice one sheet of each subject on daily basis. The book contains questions based on a topic of the chapter-syllabus, ensuring the complete Practice & Assessment of the topic.
Salient Features are:

  • Micro Level Coverage of each chapter with all types of questions covering Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
  • Along with topical coverage, revisal DPPs for JEE Main & JEE Advanced provided with each chapter for thorough revision of the concepts
  • JEE Main & Advanced archive (collection of previous years’ exams questions) with each chapter
  • Complete solutions for each DPP to help students self analyse their level of preparation for the upcoming examinations

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