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CAT Question Bank with Exam Simulator 51.2.1 CAT

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CAT Question Bank with Exam Simulator 51.2.1 -
By J. I. Vaishnav (Author)
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When you prepare for an examination with syllabus as "anything under the sun", you have to go through past papers and see the level of the examination and determine the best way to crack it. Here is a book without parallel in the market on preparatory literature for B-School entrance tests. Preparing for the top level examination weaves into it the readiness for ANY OTHER B-School Entrance Test.

This book is designed to help you crack

The Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management, rated as one of the toughest B-School entrance tests across the world.

Entrance tests of all premier B-Schools in India and for those who wish to study abroad.

About the Author :

Jagdeep I. Vaishnav has conducted training for the probationers of the Indian Administrative Service. He has been a visiting faculty at various business schools and at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The author joined the State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer in 1974. In 1985, he was appointed Deputy Secretary to the Government of Gujarat (GOG) in the Industries, Mines and Power Department. The author was Director on the Board of a number of companies promoted in the joint sector by the Government of Gujarat. In 1990, he was appointed Group General Manager (Resources) at the Sardar Sarovar Project, a multi-purpose, multi-state project involving the construction of the world's largest gravity dam on the river Narmada in Gujarat. He has participated in several conferences at the National and International levels. In 1995, he bid adieu to the public sector and has been in the field of industrial extension and training.

Paper 1 CAT Bulletin 2000 Part 1

Paper 2 CAT Bulletin 2000 Part 2

Paper 3 CAT Bulletin 2001 Part 1

Paper 4 CAT Bulletin 2001 Part 2

Paper 5 CAT Bulletin 2002 Part 1

Paper 6 CAT Bulletin 2002 Part 2

Paper 7 CAT Bulletin 2003 Part 1

Paper 8 CAT Bulletin 2003 Part 2

Paper 9 Actual CAT Paper of 23rd Nov. 2003

Paper 10 Actual CAT Paper of 23rd Nov. 2003

Paper 11 Actual CAT Paper of 15th Feb. 2004 Part 1

Paper 12 Actual CAT Paper of 15th Feb. 2004 Part 2

Paper 13 Actual CAT Paper of 21 Nov. 2004 Part 1

Paper 14 Actual CAT Paper of 21 Nov. 2004 Part 2

Paper 15 Actual CAT Paper of 20th Nov. 2005

Paper 16 Actual CAT Paper of 20th Nov. 2006

Paper 17 Actual CAT Paper of 18th Nov. 2007

Paper 18 Actual CAT Paper of 16th Nov. 2008

Sample CAT Paper 2009

Sample CAT Paper 2010

Sample CAT Paper 2011

Sample CAT Paper 2012

Sample CAT Paper 2013

Sample CAT Paper 2014

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