CBSE Exam Ready Series: Business Studies Question Bank for Class 12th CBSE (Commerce) Class 12

CBSE Exam Ready Series: Business Studies Question Bank for Class 12th -
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The questions asked in the examination are the best way to judge what students know, what they can express, what they understand and what they can do. While preparing for an examination, preparation should be done as per the given specification of that particular exam. Arihant’s Exam Ready Series ‘Question-Answer Bank’ is a brilliant tool to help students of Class XII find, share knowledge & Information on any topic related to Business Studies syllabi, which will help them in clearing the examination with maximum grades.
The present book containing ample number of Questions and Answers covering the whole chapters as per the syllabi of CBSE Class XII Business Studies examination has been divided into two parts which have been sub-divided into 12 chapters namely Nature & Significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business Environment, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling, Financial Management, Financial Markets, Marketing and Consumer Protection. The entire chapter in the book has been covered in the form of Questions and Answers also containing selected NCERT Questions in each chapter. The book also contains selected Previous Years’ Solved Questions to help candidates get an insight into the types of questions asked in the previous years’ examinations. Each chapter in the book contains analysis of Last 3 Years’ Examination and a list of focus topics from the examination point of view. Fully Solved Question Papers of CBSE Class XII Business Studies 2013 & 2014 examinations have also been included in the book along with a section of Value Based Questions. Also Business Studies Sample Papers issued by CBSE have been given in this question bank guarantying you to miss no question in the CBSE examination.


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