CBSE 15 Sample Papers Mathematics for Class 12th CBSE (Commerce) Class 12

CBSE 15 Sample Papers Mathematics for Class 12th -
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CBSE 15 Sample Papers Mathematics for Class 12th, authored by E. R. Prem Kumar is a comprehensive guidebook for the preparation of mathematics for students in class 12. Segregated into three stages, the focus of the book primarily lies in building conceptual foundation in addition to being a handy practice and revision material.

The book adheres to the syllabus by the CBSE and it comes inclusive of solved papers, sample papers and unsolved papers besides a set of MCQ's, short answer questions and longer ones. Updated with the recent modifications suggested by the board, the first two sections delineate the value based marking system. The addition of the solved previous years' papers gives the students an overview of the exam trends..

Especially for the ones who are in need of last-minute revision, the section labelled Fast Track Revision will be suitable. They summarize the ideas and formulae of the entire subject in short. This book CBSE 15 Sample Papers Mathematics for Class 12th published by Arihant is a 2013 paperback release and is the second edition.

Key Features:

  • The section Fast Track Revision is helpful for immediate check of concepts.
  • Easy-to-understand solutions to the problems included in the book.
  • Three neatly divided sections to make the exam preparation clearer.
  • Evaluation explanation of the value-based marking system introduced by the CBSE.

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