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All in One Physics: CBSE Class 12th PUC Karnataka Science Class 12

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All in One Physics: CBSE Class 12th - Shaalaa.com
By Keshav Mohan Agarwal (Author)
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Product Description

All in One Physics: CBSE Class 12th [Paperback] is designed for students preparing for the class XII CBSE board examination, and is framed according to the NCERT syllabus.

Concepts are explained in a simple yet holistic manner in this book. All in One Physics: CBSE Class 12th [Paperback] gives special emphasis on the basic conceptual understanding of the entire syllabus. To augment student understanding, the topics are divided into 15 separate chapters. The book has detailed sections on concepts such as electrostatics, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, and current electricity. It also covers topics such as electromagnetic induction, optics, radiation, and photoelectric effect in detail. The book can also be used as reference material for various competitive examinations, hugely owing to its detailed pattern of presentation. Chapters such as communication devices are specifically written to provide the student with an insight about the basic electronic concepts.

A large number of tables, flowcharts and other diagrammatic representations have been provided in support of the theory sections. The book is so designed to provide students with an adequate foundation to perform well for their laboratory tests. Each chapter is characterised by a detailed summary at its end, providing a synopsis of the important points and formulas. Further, a large number of numerical problems are also included with each chapter along with solutions.

To better assess the student understanding of the topics, exercise problems are also provided for each specific topic. Following the NCERT pattern, the questions are divided into very short answer type, short answer type, long answer type and HOTS. The book was published in 2013 by Arihant publishers and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • 10 sample papers are added to test the student’s understanding of the subject.
  • It includes excerpts from the previous years toppers answer sheets.
  • Along with the All India CBSE examination papers, the Delhi set has also been included in the book.

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