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All in One Mathematics CBSE Class - 10, Term 2 (Old Edition) CBSE Class 10

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All in One Mathematics CBSE Class - 10, Term 2 (Old Edition) -
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As the name suggests, this specialized book provides a complete and the best study package for Mathematics CBSE Class 10th Term-II, making it the only book of its kind following the CEE Pattern of CBSE. This book contains 9 chapters named Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Circles, Constructions, Some Applications of Trigonometry, Probability and Coordinate Geometry, Areas Related to Circles and Surface Areas and Volumes. Each chapter contains complete explanation and a separate section for solutions of all the questions given in the NCERT Textbook. Easily understandable language has been used for explaining the theoretical concepts ensuring no need of textbook or other books. Theoretical concepts are well supported with Solved Examples, Figures, Illustrations and Notes. Each chapter has been divided into 5 parts focusing on learning and understanding the concepts, practicing different types of questions and Summative and Formative Assessment of the concepts learned. This book covers all types of questions like MCQs, Short Answer Type, Long Answer Type and Value Based Questions asked in the CBSE exam. Each question has been solved with step marking. At the end 2 fully solved and 3 Unsolved Sample Question Papers based on the whole syllabus of Term-II have been added for thorough practice of the examination within a set time frame. Being in sync with the Latest Syllabus and NCERT Textbook, this book ensures complete success.


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