CBSE Chapterwise 2016-2008 Biotechnology Class 12th CBSE (Commerce) Class 12

CBSE Chapterwise 2016-2008 Biotechnology Class 12th -
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To understand the examination pattern and the types of questions asked in the previous years’ examinations, the students get help from the questions asked in previous years’ examination which also help in practicing the concepts which are repeatedly asked in the examinations. A complete collection of Topicwise-Chapterwise fully solved questions asked in last nine years’ (2008-2016) Biotechnology CBSE Class XII Examinations has been provided in Arihant’s CBSE Chapter wise Solved Papers for Biotechnology Class XII.

The present book designed especially for the students of Class XII who aim to succeed in the upcoming CBSE Class XII Biotechnology Examination 2017 has been divided into six chapters namely Recombinant DNA Technology, Protein Structure and Engineering, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Microbial Cell Culture and Its Applications, Plant Cell Culture and Its Applications and Animal Cell Culture and Its Applications. The solved questions provided in the book have been solved strictly according to the CBSE marking scheme to make it easier for the students to understand the marking scheme better and to master the concepts of Biotechnology. 'Value Based Questions' and Sample Question Papers have also been provided in the book. The book contains previous years’ questions asked in the last nine years (2008-2016) in Delhi, All India, Foreign and Compartment papers of CBSE Class XII Biotechnology Examination. Also latest CBSE Sample Paper can also be found in the book along with CBSE Biotechnology2015 and 2016 Solved Papers (All India and Delhi) which will help students get an insight into the recent examination pattern.

As the book contains ample number of previous years’ solved questions, it for sure will serve as the perfect practice book for students preparing for upcoming Class XII CBSE Biotechnology Board Exam 2017.


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