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CBSE Laboratory Manual Biology Class 12th (Experiments\Activities\Projects\Viva-Voce) CBSE (Science) Class 12

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CBSE Laboratory Manual Biology Class 12th (Experiments\Activities\Projects\Viva-Voce) -
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts practical examination for Class XII students. This laboratory manual has been designed to help Class XII students prepare for Experiments and Viva Voce for Biology. The present book for CBSE Class XII Biology Experiments and Viva Voce has been divided into two sections covering Core Experiments and Study/Observation. The List of Core Experiments section covers Study the pollen germination on a slide, To study the pH of different water bodies, Study the presence of suspended particulate matter in air at two widely different sites, Study the plant population density by quadrant method, Study the plant population frequency by quadrant method, etc. whereas the Study/Observation section covers Pollen germination on stigma through a permanent slide, Meiosis in Onion bud cell or grasshopper testis through permanent slides, Controlled pollination, etc. Also a collection of Coloured Diagrams has been provided at the end of the book. As the book cum laboratory manual covers all the experiments and activities, it for sure will help Class XII students prepare their best for CBSE Class XII Biology Practical Examination.


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