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CBSE Laboratory Manual Physics Class 12th [Experiments|Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] PUC Karnataka Science Class 12

CBSE Laboratory Manual Physics Class 12th [Experiments|Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] -
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts practical examination for Class XII students. This laboratory manual has been designed to help Class XII students prepare for Activities, Experiments, Projects and Viva Voce for Physics.
The present book for CBSE Class XII Physics Experiments, Activities, Projects and Viva Voce has been divided into two sections covering Experiments, Activities and suggested laboratory projects. The List of Experiments section covers To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph for potential difference versus current, To compare emfs of two given primary cells using potentiometer, To determine the internal resistance of given primary cell, using potentiometer, To find the frequency of Alternating Current (AC mains) with a sonometer, etc. whereas the Activities section covers To measure the resistance & impedance of an inductor with or without iron core, To assemble the components of a given electrical circuit, To study effect of intensity of light on an LDR, To observe polarization of light using two Polaroid's, etc. The Suggested Investigatory Projects section covers To study various factors on which the internal resistance/EMF of a cell depends, To design an appropriate logic gate combination for a given truth table, etc. Appendices have been provided at the end of the book.
As the book cum laboratory manual covers all the experiments and activities, it for sure will help Class XII students prepare their best for CBSE Class XII Physics Practical Examination.


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