i-Succeed CBSE 10 Sample Papers for Science Term - 1 Class 10th CBSE Class 10

i-Succeed CBSE 10 Sample Papers for Science Term - 1 Class 10th -
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Practicing using sample question papers helps in building a sound foundation of the concepts, real practice of the concepts and also help in self analyzing the level of preparation for the upcoming examinations. Sample question papers also help in practicing and revising using varied types of questions asked in an examination. i Succeed a series of 10 Sample Question Papers for Class X Term-I focuses on the above mentioned factors.

The present book contains sample question papers designed strictly according to the latest CBSE 2016-2017 syllabi for Class X Term-I Sciencecontaining10 Sample Question Papers grouped into three stages:

  • Stage I contains twofully solved sample paperswith detailed solutions
  • Stage II containsfivesample question papers with only hints &solutions
  • Stage III containsthreeunsolved sample question papers which are meant only for the purpose ofpractice

The sample question papers for Science Term-I have been designed strictly according to theCBSE ClassXScience syllabus and blueprint. The Sample Question Papers cover various types of questions likeMultiple Choice, Very Short Answers, Short Answers, Long Answer Type, HOTS and Value Based Questions. All the sample question papers have been grouped in three stages with the purpose of step-by-step enhancement in the skills of the students. The sample question papers in Stage I & II have been solved according to the CBSE marking scheme.In the beginning of the book, a special section namely ‘The Qualifying Round’ has been added to help student s assess their chapterwise knowledge. Answers to the qualifying round have also been provided at the end of the book to help candidates self analyse the level of preparation.

As the book contains sample question papers designed on the lines of CBSE Class XSciencesyllabus, it for sure will act as an impeccable resource for upcoming Class X CBSEScience Term-I Examination 2016.


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