Sharpen your Chemistry: Class 12 - Term 2 CBSE (Science) Class 12

Sharpen your Chemistry: Class 12 - Term 2 -
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The SHARPEN series of books is the cumulative effort of studymate subject experts over years of classroom teaching experience. Each book in the series consists of one-stop support to the student for NCERT solutions, comprehensive coverage of concepts, adequate practice questions, past board exam questions and easy-to-remember summary of facts and formulae. These books have been used by Studymate classroom students over the years to help them achieve great results for their school and board exams.

Chapter 1 Solid State

Chapter 2 Electro Chemistry

Chapter 3 Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 4 Surface Chemistry

Chapter 5 General Principles and Properties of Isolations of Elements

Chapter 6 p-Block Elements

Chapter 7 d & f – Block Elements

Chapter 8 Co-ordination Compounds

Chapter 9 Biomolecules

Chapter 10 Polymers

Chapter 11 Chemistry in Everyday Life

Chapter 10 CBSE Board Papers and Solved Papers


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