CAT Vocabulary Builder with 2 MP3 CDs: 4487 CAT Vocab Words for Your High CAT Percentile (3 volumes together) (Vocab for CAT)



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By Franklin International (Author)
M.R.P 795/-
Product Description

When you order these 3 beautiful volumes now with 2 MP3 CDs, you get all the 4487 words, meanings, and for most words, memorable sentence fragments.
The CDs have recording of all 4487 words in American accent (professional male and female voices).

Listening to audio in addition to reading the books makes it easier for you to remember the CAT words.

Why is vocabulary so very important on the CAT test?

It is so important because for most people it is more difficult to memorize vocabulary than to improve math skills.

So if you can memorize the high frequency CAT words (which others find difficult) it can help you get high CAT percentile.

Carefully Selected Meanings and Memorable Sentence Fragments

Unlike a dictionary which gives up to 10 or 20 sentences, this book gives you just one or two memorable sentence fragments clarifying meaning that you need to know for the CAT exam.

Amazon Guarantee

Buy it now because it is really good and because it is offered with guarantee by Amazon.



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