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Together with Mathematics with Solution Class 10 (Term-1) CBSE Class 10

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Together with Mathematics with Solution Class 10 (Term-1) -
M.R.P 336/-
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Product Description

Together with Mathematics - X contains Term I strictly designed in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by CBSE and NCERT.

Part I contains six chapters including Summative and Formative Assessment.

Part-II contains practice papers for Term I separately.

Summative assessments

Complete coverage of concepts

Basic Concepts contains complete topics organized for enhanced and quick comprehension.

Solved examples cover the entire spectrum of problem

MCQs with NCERT Exemplar Problem

Previous Years Questions contain important questions Board exams CBSE.

Practice Questions with miscellaneous problem

NCERT Questions with representative problems from NCERT Text-book.

HOTS Questions.

Problems with their solved answers (Illustrations).

Value Tips hints for some difficult problem

Test Your Knowledge for critical, independent thinking and formative assessment.

Formative assessments

Formative activties - Class work - Homework - Oral questions -Quiz question - Projects


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