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Class 12 Concepts of Physics Part 2 PUC Karnataka Science Class 11

Class 12 Concepts of Physics Part 2 -
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A path breaking book that has simplified complex topics for the keen science student who struggle with physics, especially for those students who aspire to crack difficult competitive entrance examinations so as to seek admission in prestigious and premier colleges. Not just students preparing for engineering or medical college admission, this book is also relied upon by engineering students to refresh as well as clarify many of the physics laws and concepts that are applied in their courses.

The book explains all the basic terminologies and problem solving techniques that are essential for any school student. The book starts out where Vol. 1 ended and the first few chapters are devoted to study of heat and kinetic theory of gases.

The book proceeds to discuss the theory of relativity, Gauss’s law and thermodynamics in separate chapters devoted to the topics. Each chapter gets its fair share of explanations, discussions, examples and exercises to ensure that the student understands the topic in depth. Electric current and its flow through conductors, capacitors, electromagnetism and magnetic field are all explained in another chapter.

Published by Bharati Bhavan, Concepts of Physics 2 is available in a paperback edition and over the years has become one of the most relied upon books by students appearing for their senior secondary board examinations or competing to attain admission in engineering or medical colleges.

About the Author:

Harish Chandra Verma is a famous author of physics books for undergraduate, post graduate courses, who has also written guide books for competitive entrance examinations. A known physicist, Mr HC Verma, is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, who has done a lot of research in nuclear physics. Sensing the needs of students who were struggling to understand the laws of physics, he took it upon himself to simplify the learning material and his book Concepts of Physics is one the most popular book on the subject.


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