Science Textbook For Class 8 CBSE Class 8

Science Textbook For Class 8 -
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This Science textbook is published by NCERT for the student of class VIII who are studying through English medium. This textbook is prescribed by CBSE to the teachers of private and public schools who are teaching in English language. It is created to impart knowledge to students in a fun and effective way through well constructed content of this science textbook. This textbook is used teach children in a fun and effective manners. It is a complete study material for the preparation of school exams. THIS BOOK IS THE OUTCOME OF THE EFFORTS OF THE TEXTBOOK DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE APPOINTED BY THE NCERT. THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS ARE: 1- CROP PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT 2- MICROORGANISMS : FRIEND AND FOE 3- SYNTHETIC FIBERS AND PLASTICS 4- COAL AND PETROLEUM 5- CELL- STRUCTURE & FUNCTIONS 6- REACHING THE AGE OF ADOLESCENCE 7- FORCE & PRESSURE 8- FRICTION 8- SOUND, etc.,


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