Quantitative Aptitude for CAT CAT

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT -
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Quantitative Aptitude for CAT, a product of MBAGuru, especially developed for Cengage Learning.s Exam Crack SeriesTM, is part of a carefully developed series of books meant for the students preparing for CAT. The book has been meticulously designed by experts from MBAGuru with the idea of maximizing the potential of the individuals. The contents of this book have been crafted very carefully to ensure that the student is able to gain thorough understanding and knowledge in limited time. The book uses simple and lucid language to simplify and summarise the theoretical aspects of the subject. Inclusion of rich pedagogy will help students learn and comprehend the concepts in a better and easy way. Tips, wherever required, have been included as a prominent feature, named Guru Funda, to tackle problems in an efficient manner. The book furnishes the students with the knowledge of the field and paves a confident path for the aspirants to accomplish success in CAT.


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